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The Whole Enchilada: A C++ Template Recipe

Most likely you’ve had enchiladas, but have you ever heard of entomatadas? They’re a great alternative for those that don’t like “fire in the belly” during/post eating enchiladas and they follow the same process, except that instead of chili you … Continue reading

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Una historia de conversión: mejorando from_chars y to_chars en C++17

NOTA: Puedes obtener el código fuente y ejemplos en Github en y ver mi charla CPPCON2019 Lightning Challenge en YouTube aquí, y la versión en inglés de esta publicación aquí. No, no se trata de una experiencia religiosa, epifanía, … Continue reading

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Habemus C++20!

The first blog posts have started to appear and Herb Sutter already posted a trip report. C++20 brings about a King-Kong-number of changes, and of course, the Big Kahuna: Concepts Ranges Coroutines Modules You can find an (unofficial) summary of … Continue reading

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C++17 – La guía completa

Actualizado el 10 de febrero de 2020Los siguientes son los enlaces en Amazon:Amazon EspañaAmazon MéxicoAmazon Estados UnidosAmazon Canadá Como un estudiante de ingeniería en mi amada alma mater, el Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua, recuerdo claramente durante una de nuestras clases … Continue reading

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C++17 – La guía completa

Updated on February 10, 2020The following are the links at Amazon:Amazon SpainAmazon MexicoAmazon USAAmazon Canada As an engineering student at my beloved alma mater, the Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua, I remember clearly during one of our electronics classes Professor Nevárez … Continue reading

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A Conversion Story: Improving from_chars and to_chars in C++17

Note: You can get source code and examples on Github at and watch my CPPCON2019 Lightning Challenge talk on YouTube here, and the Spanish version of this post here. Nope, this is not about a religious experience, epiphany, change … Continue reading

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Mary had a Little Lambda (Architecture)

  Nursery rhyme aside, I’ve been looking avidly at Big Data Lambda Architectures. Nathan Marz introduced the term back in 2012, which is reminiscent of λ-Calculus. The first time you hear the term it brings memories of high-order functions in … Continue reading

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Customizing Priority Queues in C++

A nifty feature of priority queues in C++ is that you can implement a max heap or a min heap by simply changing the compare type. For most purposes, std::less and std::greater can do the job, provided that you use built-in … Continue reading

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The (White) Elephant in the Room

All successful software development projects are alike; each unsuccessful software development project is unsuccessful in its own way…and some become white elephants. Paraphrasing and extending the first sentence of Anna Karenina, a white elephant is not only a failed project, but also a project that fails miserably, severely late to market–if … Continue reading

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My Sister From Another Mister

No, this is not about family infidelities.  Rather, it is about copyright laws.  You see, a couple of months ago the debate team in my daughter’s school had to prepare for a topic on copyright laws and how effective or … Continue reading

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