I’m a linguaphile, sesquipedalian, and software architect. Most of my professional career, from 1996 to 2013, and since 2021, has been in the Public Safety market (9-1-1 Emergency), where I’ve had the opportunity to create software frameworks in C++ for systems that have been deployed (and many still working today) in the largest call centers in the USA, and consequently, in the world.

C++ has been my main programming language, but I’ve delved in C#, Java, and recently Python.

I am the translator for the book C++17 – La guía completa, a Spanish translation of the English best-selling book C++17 – The Complete Guide, by Nicolai Josuttis. You can buy it on Leanpub, on Amazon, and visit its support website, with all of the code examples.

I am also the translator for Lambdas en C++, a Spanish translation of C++ Lambda Story and you can get the printed version on Amazon and in color also on Amazon.

I’m also the self-appointed maintainer of es.cppreference.com (the Spanish companion site to cppreference.com).

You can find my professional resume on Linkedin here.

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