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CPPCON2020 Session Review: Retiring the Singleton Pattern: Concrete suggestions for what to use instead

The Singleton design pattern has been discussed ad naseaum over the years. Peter Muldoon starts with the motivation for this talk: an occurrence of Singleton in the workplace, oh my! The premise of the talk, is not whether to keep … Continue reading

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Observations on Observer

My first encounter with the Observer design pattern was circa 1998.  The GoF book was still new–published in 1994–and the community was still assimilating design patterns. Java  the Hot* even offered an Observer interface and an Observable class. What could be simpler? However, I’ve used Observer … Continue reading

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Singling out Singleton

Out of all the design patterns that I’ve used in my professional career, Singleton is the one I’ve used the least. Don’t get me wrong. In my experience, as developers we are fascinated with the ability to refer to a single … Continue reading

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