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CppCon 2021 Virtual Trip Report, A User Story

This is the first CppCon hybrid (in person and virtual) conference, and in my opinion, it was a success in terms of content and organization, particularly from the virtual side. Sure, there were the occasional quirks, or the first day … Continue reading

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Lambdas en C++

Look what the Chihuahua dragged in! Well, in the absence of cats, a Chihuahua will do. Lambdas en C++ is a Spanish translation of C++ Lambda Story, a collaboration with well-known author and blogger Bartłomiej Filipek. You can follow his … Continue reading

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Shhh! Be Mindful!

Finally the book is here! I’m biased, extremely biased about this book, and for good reason. We met Renda and the Madrigals when our daughters went to the same kinder garden, elementary and middle school. We’ve vacationed together and have … Continue reading

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From “See You Zoom!” to “See You, Zoom!”

With a large percentage of vaccinated people in the US, and the number of COVID-19 cases dropping dramatically in our county in California, it seems inevitable that some time in the near future we’ll have to return to a physical … Continue reading

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If you build it, will they come?

This is my Lightning Talk for CPPCON 2020. I’m super grateful to Chris Ryan for posting it on LinkedIn. Quality C++ documentation is abundant…as long as it is in English. If you’re a Spanish speaker your options are limited. This … Continue reading

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Look what the cat dragged in…

Well, in reality I like birds better. Disclaimer: I got C++ Lambda Story as a gift from the author, Bartłomiej Filipek, and in a previous post I shared that I had covered the book end to end. Nonetheless, it’s nice … Continue reading

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C++23 Stacktrace library documentation now available in Spanish / C++23 Documentación de la biblioteca de listado de pila ahora disponible en español

Una de las primeras características de C++23 se encuentra disponible aquí. Todas las características documentadas hasta ahora se encuentran aquí.

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C++20 Three-Way Comparison Now Available In Spanish / C++20 Comparación de tres vías ahora disponible en español

Three-way comparison (aka “the spaceship operator <=>) is a cool new feature in C++20. While the usage is simple, the documentation is not :-). Strong, weak, partial ordering…concepts, more concepts, type traits, and so on. Documentation a long time in … Continue reading

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C++20 format library now available in Spanish/Biblioteca de formato de C++20 ahora disponible en español

You can find it here/Puedes encontrarla aquí.

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Should the new Mac mini M1 be called a Big Mac?

For the past week I’ve been enjoying the new Mac mini M1 (with Apple Silicon), and boy, what a thing of beauty. Externally it looks the same; the back, as has been reported, has less extensibility, but I don’t mind–I … Continue reading

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