Shhh! Be Mindful!

Finally the book is here! I’m biased, extremely biased about this book, and for good reason. We met Renda and the Madrigals when our daughters went to the same kinder garden, elementary and middle school. We’ve vacationed together and have spent time together as families and still go out together every couple of months.

So you can say we know them well.

When we found out that Renda was writing this book we couldn’t help but be happy. Writing a book is such an endeavor, and a topic about mindfulness and families is a rare thing to find, and this book is unique in that way.

We have been happily part of Renda’s mindfulness sessions as a family and can attest to their effectiveness. One of the first things that you notice is that you do practice, well, as a family! That awareness in itself, that you’re doing something you like with the someones you love makes all the difference. Besides, Renda has a unique way of creating an ambiance, calming you down, focusing you in the moment, in the now, in the present.

So, if you’re into mindfulness and want to share this experience with the rest of your family, go ahead and get a copy. Got mine. On Kindle.

You can get it on Amazon here:

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