From “See You Zoom!” to “See You, Zoom!”

Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego, CA

With a large percentage of vaccinated people in the US, and the number of COVID-19 cases dropping dramatically in our county in California, it seems inevitable that some time in the near future we’ll have to return to a physical office, if only partially. For those of us with kids at home, there’s also a large possibility that they’ll have to return physically to school.

Last year I took the plunge and got a one-year subscription to Zoom, and our family meetings and community service have benefited from it. We schedule at least three meetings during the week, but it seems all this will be coming to an end. Zoom has proven resilient and useful–I have to provide an attendance list for about 25 kids in a class, and the reports are great. But being candid, I won’t miss it a bit once we’re able to meet people in person. So nope, I won’t renew.

Transitioning (as a family and not as an individual) will be stressful. There is some anxiety kicking in because of the unknown.

Regardless, it is concerning that other countries are still in the thick of it, and my thoughts go for those friends of ours with family in India. We’ve had the misfortune of losing three uncles and two aunts, in the span of three months, one just last week, albeit only one of them to COVID. This is on my side of the family.

If you’re in the US, how are you coping with the transition?

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