My Sister From Another Mister

No, this is not about family infidelities.  Rather, it is about copyright laws.  You see, a couple of months ago the debate team in my daughter’s school had to prepare for a topic on copyright laws and how effective or ineffective they are.

I’ve always thought that copyright laws mean something, and given that my friend Catherine is always calling me “brother from another mother”, I only thought it was natural to start calling her sister from another mister and see if copyright really works.

The purpose of this post is to claim a copyright in LinkedIn (and now WordPress) over this simple phrase, an experiment of sorts.  Who knows, perhaps it’ll become something like the smiley–albeit I don’t expect to make any money on it.  I must also disclose that I did my due diligence and Googled for the phrase, and it did not exist.  So there you have it.  You can use it in social gatherings to show your smart wits, T-shirts, or whatever floats your boat and to your heart’s content and don’t have to pay any royalties or attributions–as long as you don’t claim it as yours.

Sister From Another Mister, © Javier Estrada, 2016

Sista’ From Another Mista’ © Javier Estrada, 2016

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